☆ pantene

no, it’s not a myth — great hair days are indeed real, and they can be yours 365 days a year with pantene.


  ☆ the 14 day challenge

raise your hand if you’ve been personally victimized by bad hair days. admit it — everyone suffers from frizzy fiascos and disaster haircuts. that’s why pantene wants to change the conversation and inspire people to instead share their #GreatHairDay moments. for 14 days, we hunted online for people complaining about bad hair days and surprised them with pantene products for a #GreatHairDay. pantene to the rescue!

i helped write video scipts and real-time social responses for the campaign. i also used the word “hair” approximately 4,593,0790 times and refuse to say it ever again.

for video clips, shoot me an email